Services: Color Development

700 new colors for fashion retailer

Our customer, a leading fashion accessory chain, has a very strong focus on polish innovations. We are required to present 3 major launches a year. To be ahead of the seasonal trends, we present over 250 fashion colors for every launch. Such exuberance guarantees that customer will always find the perfect 20-30 colors for the upcoming season.

XL neon glitters in peel-off gel polish

We were challenged by professional nail company to copy neon XL glitters into a peel-off gel polish. The task was not easy due to time limit for the season approaching. In less than a week we delivered colormatch samples and, luckily, they were approved. The finished product was delivered in under 4 weeks. It went on the market in less than 8 weeks from the first inquiry.

50 new gel colors in 3 weeks

A professional nail brand was excited to launch their nail polish colors in gel polish line. As usualy, the season was approaching and customer wanted it 'yesterday'. Our team managed to copy all 50 colors in less than 3 weeks. While waiting for color approvals, we already worked ahead to scheduled production. The final production was finished in less than 6 weeks and all 50 colors went on the market under 10 weeks!

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